Thursday, March 29, 2012

Say Good-Bye to Using All Capital Letters

Alphabet Review and Transfer to Using Lowercase Letters
Use my cute craft to help kids "send off" their capital letters so that they can start using more lowercase letters in their writing! They choose random letters to send off in the balloon. Before they get hung up or sent off, you can have them point to each letter, say the name, sound and give the sign for each letter. It's a great way to review their alphabet in Kindergarten!

Just make tracers for a balloon-you can google balloon templates to find this. Cut a rectangle for the basket and some string. I used sticky foam alphabet letters for this that I found at a craft store and they just choose random letters. We then hung them from the ceiling in my classroom. Fun!
Here is a link to two of my products that will help you and your students/children learn their ASL letters- ASL Letter Cards and FREE ASL alphabet chart


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Do you teach sign language to all of your students? Do you have both hearing and hearing impaired students? I've heard a little bit of research on sign language and how it benefits hearing students to gain oral language quicker than their peers. Do you have any of that info or know of a good site? I've always been interested in sign language and oral language development especially with special needs students.

  2. I am actually a baby signing specialist and mom of two signers (2 and 4). I have seen the drastic improvement in their language over their peers and now that my 4 1/2 year old is starting to recognize sight words, we are continuing to sign as well as have been introducing the sign language alphabet for the past year or so. I truly believe it is going to help him learn to read and spell as well.

    Since I saw differences in my own kids and have read some of the research on the benefits of continuing to use sign language through the early school years, I decided to use some basic signing in my own mainstream classroom. I have noticed a difference in participation and sight word retention from my students (from the high achievers to those who have more difficulty learning and those with processing and/or speech/language issues too).

    I actually have a website that is geared more toward the baby signing but have sections for signing in the classroom. I have only begun my blog for the classroom this week! If you visit my website you will see that I have some links to articles about using signing in the classroom and the benefits. Click on Great Resources.
    Thanks for asking!