Saturday, March 31, 2012

Activity with the Lion and The Little Red Bird book

     I read this book The Lion and the Little Red Bird by Elisa Kleven to my kindergarten class and they loved it! It is a beautiful story about friendship, understanding, love and respect-all without speaking the same language!! A perfect way to include sign language in your discussion!
     During the story we reviewed the color signs often. We were also able to review or learn new signs for:lion, bird, flower, nest, happy, butterfly, sun, tree, and many more. Visit this site to see how to make the signs- Signing Dictionary
     The book offers opportunities to review the signs several times. I would read it through once or twice and discuss the importance of the book and then on a different day would read it while using the signs!
     We then created a collage to go along with the story. I gave them a copied lion that they could color from this free clipart site They drew the scenery around the lion with crayons and then used old flower/plant catalogs to design their nature picture. They had a blast!
    Follow up with my color word flashcards that have asl spelling. Print 2 sets and you have a matching game or go fish game!
You can also preview a video that I made that you can purchase at for $0.99!!!! Sign Language in the Classroom video-Part 2 It includes 14 mins. of ideas on how to use color words with signing in the classroom as well as some other ideas/games for using basic ASL letters. Included in that $0.99 video are the downloads for my ASL color flashcards mentioned above ($1.00) with and without color dots, AND my ASL alphabet letter cards ($1.00) ASL alphabet flashcards--a bargain!!!

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