Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classroom Management and Manners with Sign Language

Classroom Management and Manners with Sign Language: Want some new and engaging ways to increase or change your classroom management techniques?  

 Using sign language in the mainstream elementary classroom has many benefits. It can help with management and manners for one. The students learn a new language while improving their own behaviors and self-control. You will have fewer interruptions and calling out!
Check out this excerpt from my longer video Sign Language in the Elementary Classroom-Part 1. You can see the whole thing (and part 2) on youtube

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color Word Bingo with Animals and Sign Language

Help your students learn their color words with a fun bingo game. You can purchase it at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for $1.00. There are 3 variations to the game as well as suggestions on how to use sign language for the animals and color signs!! Check it out. 
Color Word Bingo This preview is chopped off a bit-sorry!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sign Language in the Classroom Part 2

Ok now I've updated the second part of this video series. 

This lesson includes:
Color Word Activities-identifying, spelling the colors, fingerspelling the color,signing the color word go fish, memory
     Alphabet activities-identifying letters, sounds and corresponding words, and the signs for letters. There is also some activities that will help children become familiar with the order of the letters in the alphabet (alphabetical order)
     Get the cards that go with my lessons/activities at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
     These lessons go well with the activities in Sign Language in the Elementary Classroom (Part 1).

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sign Language in the Classroom Part 1 on You Tube

Check this out!! Here is a link to my video on YouTube where I explain lots of ways to use sign language in your elementary classroom. This is part 1 (my original preview version had over a 1000 views!! so now I am putting up the full version for all to see and learn from).For this video you can access the FREE ASL alphabet chart that I made and refer to at FREE ASL alphabet chart 

There is a part 2 that I am currently updating to a full version as well. Stay tuned!